10 Weight loss Goals to focus on other than the Scales

Have you ever stepped on the scales after following your weight loss plan to a T and the scales say exactly what it said last week or worse, it’s gone up? #Devastation

It happens to everyone and while it can be disappointing it’s completely normal to have weeks that nothing happens so expect it occasionally. When it happens, rather than dwell on the disappointment, focus on your other goals.

What if you don’t have any other goals…? Set some! True, it’s nice to see the kgs dropping on the scales…but is this really the only benefit you’ll get from all your efforts? Not at all, it would hardly seem worth it. It’s important to have several goals to focus on during your weight loss journey. I’ve had some patients tell me that they start a big goal list and cross things off as they go, that way they see progress. It might sound silly but it’s very satisfying being able to cross something off a list.

Remember, these are your personal goals so make them relevant to you. Keep in mind that while it’s great having goals, if they’re too far fetched, this could be the beginning of the end…So, consider your level of motivation, age, health status, mobility and ability to make permanent changes. Goals should be SMART:

  • Specific: what is it you are trying to achieve?
  • Measurable: how will you measure this to determine if it’s achieved?
  • Achievable: something that you are actually able to accomplish
  • Realistic: something that is possible for you to achieve in the time frame listed
  • Timely: give your goal a time frame so that you have something to work towards.

So apply this to your goal list. Note: not achieving a goal by a time frame doesn’t mean you’ve failed, it simply means you may have to re-assess your timeframes or goals.

Need some goal inspiration? Here’s 10 great goals ideal:

  1. Drop in body measurements e.g. waist circumference
  2. Drop in clothes size or notch on the belt e.g. going from size 18 to 14.
  3. Improvement in health e.g. reduced blood pressure, cholesterol, better blood glucose control in diabetes, reduction in medications
  4. Feeling more energetic
  5. Able to walk around or up and down stairs without getting puffed out
  6. Reduction in pain on joints e.g. knees or back
  7. Getting into an exercise routine that you keep up or being able to do more exercise (set a goal target of number of sessions per week or minutes you’ll do and increase goal over time)
  8. Eating healthier e.g. less processed foods, more vegetables, lean proteins and high fibre foods (set specific healthy eating goals)

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