The Low Down on Yoghurt! 4 Comments

Yoghurt is a great source of calcium, protein and healthy bacteria so it makes a good snack or meal. Have as is or team it up with fruit, oats, muesli

Creamy Labneh 1,442 Comments

Labneh is a white creamy cheese made from Greek yoghurt. It is common used in Lebanese cuisine as a dip or spread but can be used in many ways e.g.

Tomato & Garlic Eggs No Comments

This is a simple recipe that can be made during the week when you need something easy for dinner or lunch. Serve it with a salad or steamed vegetable or

Date & Almond Cups 1,438 Comments

If you don’t eat dates often, this recipe may change your mind! This is simple to make and is so yummy. Personally I’m a little addicted to it! Have this

Banana & Coconut Bread 1,453 Comments

(Makes about 12 slices) This recipe is gluten and dairy free but it’s so good that anyone will enjoy it and not just those who avoid these. I’ve used healthy