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Hi and welcome to my website so glad you’ve stopped by! 🙂

I just wanted to tell you a little about me here, you can read more about my journey and why I decided to become a dietitian on the ‘My Story’ tab.

From early childhood I was always in love with food and eating so I think getting into a career where I work with food was always going to happen. But in high school I decided to do something about my weight and health and this lead to an interest in nutrition. I decided to become a dietitian and never looked back. Today I am a qualified Accredited Practising Dietitian, Accredited Nutritionist and Personal Fitness Trainer. I run my own little private practice called Nutrition Savvy. It’s at Fairfield, NSW but I also do Skype consultations (so these can be done from anywhere) and am hoping to have another clinic location in future.

My passions are food, cooking, nutrition, fitness and helping others make healthy dietary and lifestyle changes. I also love to learn so am usually studying something! I just finished studying my certificate 4 in Personal Fitness Training with the AIPT and a Plant-Based Cooking Certificate with Rouxbe Cooking School. I love experimenting with new recipes incorporating wholesome & unprocessed ingredients, trying new foods and also developing recipes that cater for people with food sensitivities but are still delicious that anyone will enjoy eating them. My family are usually my guinea pigs! You will find many of my recipes on this website cater for most people. They may also have ingredients that you don’t usually eat but I encourage you to venture out and try some of them.

I myself are vegetarian and occasionally vegan and also gluten-free. I don’t expect anyone to be a vegetarian because I am, my whole family eat meat. We all make a decision on our food choices and should aim to make healthy choices, try and eat wholesome unprocessed foods and cook from scratch as much as possible. Including a variety of different foods is also important so that we can a balance of different nutrients and it also keeps things interesting too!

In my private practice I see clients for a number of things including for weight loss, bariatric/ weight loss surgery nutrition (pre and post surgery) as well as chronic health conditions like diabetes, heart disease (cholesterol, blood pressure), fatty liver, diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndrome etc. I also enjoy contract work for the food industry advising on how to improve nutrition in food products. One of the recent things I’ve started doing is writing blog articles and recipes for several websites and online magazines which I really enjoy. Some of these include:

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My website is devoted to supporting clients and non-clients through their journey to better health. I hope to inspire and motivate you and would love to hear your feedback and suggestions so please drop me a line or visit my social media accounts:


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