In an ideal world we would all make dietary changes to be the healthiest we can be and eat only the healthiest foods available and this is what I aim to achieve and want to help my clients achieve. In reality for some – achieving this isn’t as easy as for others and often a slow gradual change is necessary which takes time.

I like to take a practical and realistic approach to nutrition and nutritional advice. We can’t all be vegetable juice drinking, raw food eating vegans but we can make small changes and build on these over time to achieve a healthier dietary intake and lifestyle. You should never give up trying to make permanent changes. Don’t let a few slip ups stop you from achieving a healthier you, keep trying and never give up. One change a week, fortnight or even a month over time equals many changes. It may take time but can be done.

My aim is to eat as natural as possible by choosing whole foods that are as close to what they are like when they come off ‘the tree’ so to speak. While it’s not always possible to eat like this – you can make this a priority in life and eat like this 80% of times. I prefer to make my own meals and snacks where possible which may sound time consuming but some things can be done in bulk which means you only do them a few times a month.

Overall I recommend that you make your and your families’ health one of the priorities in your life.

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