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When we are losing weight we often find ourselves very focused on what the scales say and if it doesn’t move – we can feel very down. But during every

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A glass or two of wine or schooner of beer may seem innocent enough after a stressful day but when you consider 1g of alcohol has almost the same kilojoules

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  Often sweet or savoury treats e.g. cake, chocolate, biscuits, gourmet cheese, chips are thought of as something forbidden when losing weight or trying to be healthy. And while we

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In today’s busy world more and more often we are eating out or having ready made meals instead of cooking healthy meals from scratch. This is ok occasionally, unfortunately eating

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  A few months ago I did an interview for the PS Counselling Blog with tips for personal trainers when working with weight loss clients. The interview discussed my experiences

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Vegetables are not always the most popular food item on our menu but why not change this in 2015? The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating recommends adults consume 5-6 serves

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If you’ve had bariatric weight loss surgery, you’ll know that it can be difficult to fit in all the healthy foods you need to eat every day due to your smaller

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One of the biggest message that seems to be streaming out through the nutrition world (among others) is the message to eat more plant-based foods each day. That is vegetables,

Have you ever had to sit at your desk for several hours studying, working or doing paper work but then all you could think of is eating something? I know