Cashew, Mango & Coconut Porridge with Berry Compote 8 Comments

(Serves 2-3) Looking for something yummy but different from the usual breakfast? This porridge recipe uses cashews instead of oats. For a delicious change, try this cashew & coconut porridge.

A Chat with Dietitian Gloria Cabrera – featured on PS Counselling Blog 1,555 Comments

  A few months ago I did an interview for the PS Counselling Blog with tips for personal trainers when working with weight loss clients. The interview discussed my experiences

6 Tips to Boost Fibre Intake Post Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery 306 Comments

If you’ve had bariatric weight loss surgery, you’ll know that it can be difficult to fit in all the healthy foods you need to eat every day due to your smaller

Can you Eat more Plant-Based Foods? 1 Comment

One of the biggest message that seems to be streaming out through the nutrition world (among others) is the message to eat more plant-based foods each day. That is vegetables,

Lemon Garlic Tempeh with Onions 1,329 Comments

Tempeh isn’t most people’s first choice when it comes to high protein food sources. I has a strong flavour and looks well…let’s not talk about what it looks like. Technically